quinta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2008

Nota iCashOut

A equipe do iCashOut divulgou a seguinte nota hoje:

Update: We want to announce that we are well on our way to fixing the lag as well as patching up all the other known bugs and flaws of the script. We will be permanently banning certain parts of China but not all of it. Honest members who we see will have the oppertunity to stay. We are also implementing many other security features to protect our business. This process is expected to be completed in the next 48 Hours. We want to thank everyone for your patience and support for iCashout. We promise to bring you the best.

Em outras palavras, pediram para aguardarmos mais 48hs que os problemas deverão estar corrigidos.


Bons ganhos e até mais!

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bertanptc disse...

gostei do teu blog, vou dar uma experimentada nestes sites. Vlw ae

allanbrunosm disse...

Obrigado pela preferência!